I’ve always loved to travel.  Doesn’t matter how.  As a kid I loved being stuck in the backseat of the car with my siblings, watching the saguaro cactus swoosh by as we hurled down the highway somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico.  Stopping to see kitschy and memorable roadside attractions with mysterious names like … “the old hell-hole prison” or “the thing”.

Once I rode a Greyhound bus from San Diego, California all the way to Kansas City, Missouri and loved every minute of the long drawn out journey.  I loved sitting next to total strangers, listening to their stories and stopping at small out-of-the-way travel stops while a few passengers boarded and others disembarked.

Alternately, I’ve had the enjoyment of flying first class to destinations across the globe and while I loved that luxury – I can’t say that I enjoyed it any more than whizzing down the highway in that Greyhound bus.  Both means of getting me someplace with unique experiences along the way.  I just enjoyed it in a different way.

Nowadays, living life on the road incorporates my very favorite parts of travel with everyday life.  Deciding where we would like to live for awhile.  Figuring out what we want to see and do once we get there, choosing an itinerary for seeing and doing those things, and routing us to the destination itself!

And that is exactly what you will find in this section … the many hotspots an area has to offer, travel itineraries that you can customize or follow exactly, routes of travel, even music and quotes about travel to inspire you and accompany you on your way!

So grab something to jot down some notes, find an atlas or open your favorite maps app on your phone.  Pour a cup of coffee and settle in to plan your next getaway – be it for the weekend, a summer vacation, or the rest of your life!