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The list is first divided alphabetically by state and then by city.  Destinations in another town but within 60 miles of a city or major metropolitan area will be listed under that city/area.  This will let you know what hikes you can take while in that particular area.  Anything farther than that will have its own listing.




TRAIL NAME:  Watson Lake and Flume Trail / Peavine Trail / Lakeshore Trail

LOCATION:  Watson Lake / Prescott, AZ

LENGTH:  7.1 mile / Loop

DIFFICULTY:  Moderate to Difficult

DESCRIPTION: We were excited to take a hike around this pretty lake with amazing boulder mountains called “dells” and especially since our dogs, Rocket and Boogie, were welcome too! We had read up a little bit before going and learned that the Peavine Trail was Arizona’s only “rails to trail” trail in the state and a portion of this trail edged the lake.  The total distance was to be 4.7 miles and one online comment was that it was “a good family and beginner hike”.  We failed to really read about how the trails intertwined and to orient ourselves to the trail.  We failed to bring along enough water as it was 70 degrees and was an expected flat 5 mile beginner hike.  AND I failed to bring my glasses and am so blind,at this point that I couldn’t even see the maps on the trail signs.

The first half of the trail was rather easy with a bit of FUN challenge through some big boulders.  BUT by the time you were past the point of turning back, the trail became VERY difficult.  We had to leave the flat Peavine Trail, as it was heading off in the opposite direction, to take the very difficult Lakeshore Trail to encircle the lake.  It was KILLER.  We climbed up and over rocks and boulders and at certain points I had to climb up on my hands and knees!  It was really rather dangerous as it would have been very easy for one of us to have twisted and sprained or even broken an ankle.  Mr. Jones even skittered on loose sandy gravel at one point and sort of fell down.  Fortunately he knew he was going down and he sort of eased his way down but it really scared me and made me realize how ill prepared we really were.  Boogie and Rocket were amazing though!  They were like little mountain goats the way they jumped up and over the rocky trail as sure footed as could be.

Afterwards we were really, really sore but proud of ourselves.  It ended up being 7.1 miles in total.  Next time we will be much more careful and prepared.  This was a good warning to always be prepared as you never know what obstacles you may encounter.  Bottom line:  This is a gorgeous trail – one of the prettiest I’ve ever been on – just be sure that you know where you are going!!

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Mr Jones and dogs on trail
Watson Lake Trail / Prescott, AZ


TRAIL NAME:  de Anza Trail

LOCATION:  Tumacacori National Historic Park / Tubac, AZ

LENGTH:  3.4 mile / Out and back


DESCRIPTION: Located behind the Tumacacori Mission and gardens, the de Anza Trail that follows the Santa Cruz River 1.7 miles toward Tubac, where you then turn around and head back. It’s nice and shady and at one point crosses over the Santa Cruz River on a homemade bridge. Great for beginners and easy to follow.  Be sure to visit the lovely mission too!

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trail at Tumacacori
de Anza Trail / Tumacacori SHP


TRAIL NAME: Canyon Loop Trail

LOCATION:  Catalina State Park / Tucson, AZ

LENGTH:  2.2 mile / Loop


DESCRIPTION: This desert trail is the perfect way to get out into some rugged desert terrain.  The trail is visible and clearly marked.  The weekends are pretty busy but during the week is a great time to hike this trail.  Dogs are welcome and one section of the trail is divided into stairs for the human hikers and an alternate path for horses.  The trail is lovely after a rain when the creek is flowing.  LOVE this trail.

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Mr Jones on desert trail
Canyon Loop Trail / Tucson, AZ

TRAIL NAME: Nature Trail

LOCATION:  Catalina State Park / Tucson, AZ

LENGTH:  1 mile / Loop


DESCRIPTION: Once you climb the initial incline this is a nice easy trail with lots of interpretive signs explaining about the different cactus and the terrain.  A great hike with kids and the perfect leg stretcher if you just want to get out and experience the desert.

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Me and Mr Jones on desert trail
Nature Trail / Catalina State Park

TRAIL NAME: Valley View Overlook Trail

LOCATION:  Saguaro National Park / Tucson, AZ

LENGTH:  .8 mile / Out and Back


DESCRIPTION: Excellent trail in the National Park with plenty of interpretive trails to introduce you to desert terrain and cactus.  Plenty of saguaro, cholla, organ pipe, barrel and prickly pear.  The view at the termination of the trail is beautiful overlooking the valley far below.  Good beginner hike!

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trail at Saguaro NP
Saguaro National Park