The RedByrd Coffee Shop – “Serving up JOY with a side of COFFEE”

The RedByrd Coffee Shop – “Serving up JOY with a side of COFFEE”

One of my very favorite things about living life on the road is all the different people we have the opportunity to meet.  And my favorite type of people are the artists.  The creative sorts.  Those who honor their own unique ideas and turn them into ways of living their lives.

I was recently fortunate enough to meet some folks who absolutely “fit this bill“.  I stepped outside my RV one afternoon and across the road, looming in the sunlight, was a home on wheels.  Now, my home is a “home on wheels” – as are all the RV’s in the current park we call home.  But this was a HOME on WHEELS!  It actually had shingles and shutters!


I was happy the owners were sitting outside as I HAD to talk with them and find out exactly what the heck they were up to!  Turns out, as I came around front of their rig, I discovered a cheerful sign advertising, of all things, another of my favorites – COFFEE!  RedByrd Coffee, to be precise.

Red Byrd coffee sign

After introducing myself, I had the incredible pleasure of meeting Kyle Brooks and Sadie Shaw-Brooks, purveyors of RedByrd Coffee!  Opening a coffee house was always a dream of Sadie’s but the sheer number of brick and mortar coffee shops popping up on every corner was daunting, if not discouraging.  It wasn’t until Sadie and husband, Kyle, imagined combining the appeal of the tiny house craze with America’s favorite hot beverage, that a plan was hatched and put into action!

It was then that Sadie quit her job of seventeen years to pursue a brand of happiness outside the confinement of traditional corporate employment.  Along with Kyle – her biggest supporter, they set out to get their dreams and ideas out of their heads and … into their driveway!  They, themselves, designed their coffee shop on wheels  – complete with their shop and retail space in the back and a living space up front.  Next, they found a professional to custom build their new home/business onto three axles. And, at last, they opened up shop with plans to occasionally hit the road to dispense coffee to the masses while pursuing their dream.

rear of Red Byrd Coffee

I met this entrepreneurial pair as they were on their way home to Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee.  They were just wrapping up their debut voyage of The RedByrd Coffee Shop where they had set up shop at their first gig at The Original Round Top Antique Fair, held every spring and fall in Round Top, Texas.  Kyle talked about their premiere success and shared a surprising and welcome phenomenon as a result of their mobile coffee shop – people were actually affected by the experience and exited with not only their coffee – but with a smile!

Kyle and Sadie Brooks
Kyle and Sadie – owners of The RedByrd Coffee Shop

They vend their own unique blend of coffee made from 100% Arabica beans procured from two roasters – one in Nashville and one in Maine.  The result is a quality coffee they call Espresso Red.  Many variations are available such as traditional Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino and Latte drinks as well as several signature drinks with unique and intriguing flavors such as blackberry and lavender.  They also serve up cold brew in addition to pastries from local bakeries.  Order at a side window or swing around back through a pair of double doors to another serving counter and retail space where you can purchase items sporting the RedByrd logo.  Mugs, hats, T-shirts and Sadie’s first CD – “Little Maggie Mae” are all available for purchase.

Red Byrd Coffee merchandise

Yes, it’s true!  Not only do Kyle and Sadie brew some outstanding coffee but Sadie belts some outstanding tunes!  Originally a trained opera singer, it was a tune entitled “Red Bird” that inspired Sadie’s transition from opera to bluegrass.  And opera’s loss is the bluegrass lover’s gain – as Sadie’s first CD, “Little Maggie Mae”, delivers intricate guitar “pickin'” and plucky, yet soulful, vocals sure to make some serious bluegrass history.  And inspiration abounds as Sadie’s connection and love for the song Red Bird, became further motivation for the name of their coffee shop – RedByrd Coffee!

So what is on the horizon for Kyle and Sadie?  They are currently looking to book future dates for their mobile coffee shop at outdoor venues around the country.  You can check their schedule for upcoming events at their website –  While chatting, I caught some hints of some possible upcoming web or live Q & A sessions with this forward-thinking couple.  And, if you ask me, HGTV’s “Tiny Houses” needs to come knocking on the door of this ingenious home/business enterprise!

Red Byrd hitched to truck

Of one thing we can be certain … Kyle and Sadie are an example of living their dream existence.  They shucked the norm and are making each day about joy and being themselves.  Not specific on exactly where their dream will lead, they’re A-Okay with that, as part of the ride is watching and enjoying how it all unfolds.  So be on the lookout for this amazing and homey mobile coffee venue – The RedByrd Coffee Shop– because as Sadie expressed from her heart – they just want to travel around a bit, enjoy life and continue to “serve up JOY with a side of COFFEE”.

Its all about Joy sign

When not out on the road, The RedByrd Coffee Shop’s stationary location is at 4348 Old Hillsboro Rd., Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee.  They can be reached at 629 333-2271 and are open, serving up goodness, Wednesday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:oo p.m., Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Have you run into The RedByrd Coffee Shop while out on the road?  Have you sampled their coffee in Leiper’s Fork?  We would LOVE to hear where and when you were lucky enough to encounter them!  Let us know in the comments below …

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