The following HIKES have been reviewed in our blog.  Just click on the name of the HIKE to be taken directly to our blog post in order to learn more about the hike and what the area has to offer.

The list is first divided alphabetically by state and then by city.  Destinations in another town but within 60 miles of a city or major metropolitan area will be listed under that city/area.  This will let you know what hikes you can take while in that particular area.  Anything farther than that will have its own listing.




TRAIL NAME:  Otter Lake Loop

LOCATION:  Blue Ridge Parkway / Monroe, VA

LENGTH:  1 mile / Loop

DIFFICULTY:  Easy – Moderate

DESCRIPTION:  This pleasant little hike is only a mile long and circles Otter Lake located on the famous Blue Ridge Parkway.  If you park in the parking lot at the trail head and travel counter clockwise you start by picking your way across rocks in an arm of the lake just below the dam.  Next you scale some steep hills but after that it’s rather easy with a few steep but short inclines.  This would be my preferred directions as I would rather climb UP a steep hill than slide DOWN.  Quite a nice little leg stretcher.

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Mr Jones crossing Otter Lake
Otter Lake Trail


TRAIL NAME:  Cedar Creek Trail to the Natural Bridge

LOCATION:  Natural Bridge State Park / Natural Bridge, VA

LENGTH:  2 mile / Out and back


DESCRIPTION:  It will cost you $8 per person to hike this trail.  It starts at the Natural Bridge Visitor’s Center and takes you down 137 steps to a wonderful pathway that leads to the Natural Bridge.  There is also a tram that will drive you down to the beginning of the path and back up again when you’ve finished.  The Natural Bridge is beautiful and the area was originally surveyed by a young George Washington and later Thomas Jefferson bought the land for $2.40.  It is really quite historic – visited by so many throughout the Civil War era too.  The path continues on past the bridge to a cave, an area with Native American displays from the tribes that inhabited the area and ends later at a waterfall.  The path is very nice with a lot of rock walls and a river that ran alongside the path.  Dogs on leash are welcome and honestly, it was worth the $8 bucks!

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Natural Bridge trail
Natural Bridge trail