Hot Spots to Visit

Hot Spots to Visit

(Photo above courtesy of Garrett Sears on Unsplash)

So this is it, right HERE!  The main reason that I wanted to write a blog and share our experiences to begin with was the HOT SPOTS that are in every single city and town that we visit.  I admit, some are hotter than others, but there is always someplace to explore and one of the following ALWAYS happens:

  • we learn something new,
  • we laugh out loud,
  • we understand something better,
  • we make new friends,
  • we are quietly humbled or
  • we gasp in amazement.

And when ANY of those things happen – it’s a good thing, right?

Antelope Canyon slot canyon
This one made us gasp in amazement.    Antelope Canyon / Page, Arizona

So this is where we will list the “Hot Spots”, or travel destinations, that have either been reviewed in our blog or mentioned in association with our favorite RV Parks.  These will take some time to list and it will be a process – we’ve been to all FIFTY states and have seen a lot of things!  But I look forward to sharing many of the wonderful places we have witnessed and CONTINUE to witness.  But most of all, we hope you enjoy sharing them with us and are inspired to visit too.

We will use the following sectioned map of the United States to describe in which area each destination is located. So, if you are planning a trip within a specific region of the USA – simply refer to that tab in the menu and see some of the places we have visited that you might also enjoy.

We will provide the address of the destination as well as the phone number and web address.  Admission fees and hours fluctuate so generally we would suggest that you check for these specifics before visiting.