Here, divided by region, you will find reviews of various hikes we have enjoyed during our travels.  Keep in mind, in general, these hikes are

  • NOT very technical or lengthy and …
  • Do NOT require much training or experience before embarking on them.

In fact, most really aren’t much more than nice nature walks!

Usually we are wearing hiking boots.  And sometimes carrying hiking sticks.  And sometimes the terrain warrants these accoutrements and sometimes it’s just fun to wear them and say “we’re going hiking“!

Most of the trails are

  • Five miles or less and …
  • Considered EASY to MODERATE – meaning the paths are relatively flat with minimal elevation change.

I will always indicate whether it is a “loop trail” (our favorite – usually little room for error!) or an “out and back“.  And in the case of the “out and back”, the mileage will be for the total hike, roundtrip.

And with that, we’ve taken care of the housekeeping matters – so, let’s get a move on!

Hiking boots
Hit the trail!